The Chosen Ones

9780520288355The Chosen Ones: Black Men and the Politics of Redemption (2018)

In The Chosen Ones, sociologist and feminist scholar Nikki Jones shares the compelling story of a group of Black men living in San Francisco’s historically Black neighborhood, the Fillmore. Against all odds, these men work to atone for past crimes by reaching out to other Black men, young and old, with the hope of guiding them toward a better life. Yet despite their genuine efforts, they struggle to find a new place in their old neighborhood. With a poignant yet hopeful voice, Jones illustrates how neighborhood politics, everyday interactions with the police, and conservative Black gender ideologies shape the men’s ability to make good and forgive themselves—and how the double-edged sword of community shapes the work of redemptio



“A crisp, empathetic, and compelling ethnography that vividly represents the everyday lives of young people who are too often victimized by urban gun violence. This urgent and powerful account is a must-read for anyone who really wants to understand the causes and effects of the senseless violence occurring in our cities today.”—Elijah Anderson, Yale University, author of Code of the Street and The Cosmopolitan Canopy

“An astounding book that captures the breadth and depth of human resilience. It is ethnographic storytelling at its best.”—Waverly Duck, University of Pittsburgh

“A true triumph, easily among the decade’s most important books on the American way of justice.”—Shadd Maruna, University of Manchester and Rutgers School of Criminal Justice, author of Making Good: How Ex-Convicts Reform and Rebuild Their Lives

The Chosen Ones should be required reading for all policymakers concerned with eliminating urban violence and trauma.”— Howard Pinderhughes, University of California, San Francisco

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